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Javascript Question

Regex JavaScript : Need to match numbers in the format A12.12.122 , C1.20.23


I have written this pattern but it doesn't match a single character followed by a single or two digits. It matches only when there 3 or more digits followed by a digit.
Tried groups but still didn't work


Is there a better way to write this pattern?

It should match all the alphanumeric characters for example A12, A12.25, F12.23.36, G45.36, H475. Please can anyone help with this.


You can do:

  • ^ matches start of the line

  • [a-zA-Z] matches any letters from a to z, in any case

  • \d+ matches any digit one or more time

  • (\.\d+)* matches a . followed by one or more digits, zero or more times, at the end of the line ($)