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C# Question

Set a margin from a binding

I have a binding value that returns a int that represents a value I wasnt to assign to left and right margins of an element.

Heres what I've tried but it wont compile.

It works if I set the entire margin, but I only want left and right.


<Image x:Name="_image" Source="mat.png" Margin="{Binding EditorRow.BondIndent},0,{Binding EditorRow.BondIndent},0" />


public int BondIndent
get { return _bondSequence * 5; }

Answer Source

Return the margin?

public Thickness Margin
    get { return new Thickness(BondIndent,0,BondIndent,0);}

Then change:

<Image x:Name="_image" Source="mat.png" Margin="{Binding EditorRow.Margin}" />
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