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C# Question

convert or cast a List<t> to EntityCollection<T>

How would you to convert or cast a


Sometimes this occurs when trying to create 'from scratch' a collection of child objects (e.g. from a web form)

 Cannot implicitly convert type 
'System.Collections.Generic.List' to

Answer Source

I assume you are talking about List<T> and EntityCollection<T> which is used by the Entity Framework. Since the latter has a completely different purpose (it's responsible for change tracking) and does not inherit List<T>, there's no direct cast.

You can create a new EntityCollection<T> and add all the List members.

var entityCollection = new EntityCollection<TEntity>();
foreach (var item m in list)

Unfortunately EntityCollection<T> neither supports an Assign operation as does EntitySet used by Linq2Sql nor an overloaded constructor so that's where you're left with what I stated above.

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