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Inline styling with React

I want to include below style in React js file to add asterisk after label.

.required:after {
color: #e32;
content: ' *'; }

I tried below code, but it is giving me astericks before label

const styles = {
content: "*",
color: "red"

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I think this is not possible. Some inline styles constructions are not present yet in React. I will try to check the documentation and to provide you the link.

Why don't you use className inside your JSX and refer the CSS file for that class name?


In React, inline styles are specified as objects — which you did. You note the camelCased key style names and values are usually strings:

var divStyle = {
  color: 'white',
  backgroundImage: 'url(' + imgUrl + ')',
  WebkitTransition: 'all', // note the capital 'W' here
  msTransition: 'all' // 'ms' is the only lowercase vendor prefix

React.render(<div style={divStyle}>Hello World!</div>, mountNode);

Vendor prefixes other than ms should begin with a capital letter. This is why WebkitFilter has an uppercase "W".

For instance, this would work:

return (
          <div style={{position: 'absolute', WebkitFilter: 'blur(10px) saturate(2)'}} />

However, as explained here using :after won't work.

Here is the example usig CSS:

class Example extends React.Component {

  render() {
    return ( <div className = "required">Test</div> );

ReactDOM.render( < Example / > , document.getElementById('root'));
.required:after {
color: #e32;
content: ' *'; }
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<div id="root"></div>

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