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Add html content to js generated class

I have a trivial issue and need your help. Thanks to you, I have 2690 squares generated by js:

var i, square, text, container = document.getElementById("square_container");
for (i = 1; i <= 2690; i += 1) {
square = document.createElement("div"); = "square" + i;
text = document.createElement("h1");
text.innerHTML = i; = "text" + i;

The code above generate 2690 of this:

<div id="square1" class="square"><h1 id="text1">1</h1></div>

And now, I need to add following html content to each .square class:

<div class="hover"><a href="#">Click Me</a></div>

So in the result I need to have:

<div id="square1" class="square"><h1 id="text1">1</h1>

<div class="hover"><a href="#">Click Me</a>


I tried .append, .addClass...but it doesn't work. Thank you in advance for your help!

Answer Source

Lukas. To achieve the function you were looking for using jQuery, I added an external resource:

and added this to the javascript:

$( ".square" ).append("<div class=\"hover\"><a href=\"#\">Click Me</a></div>")

I hope this helps.

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