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Initializing Jenkins 2.0 with pipeline in init.groovy.d script

For automation, I would like to initialize a Jenkins 2.0 instance with a pipeline job. I want to create a Groovy script that is copied to the

folder on startup. The script should create a Jenkins 2.0 Pipeline job for processing a Jenkinsfile from SCM.

I cannot find the relevant Javadoc for the 2.0 pipeline classes or examples of how to do this.

Previously, using Job DSL to create a pipeline, I used a Groovy script to create a
with an
builder. That job would then be the Job DSL seed job.

One option is to use an init script to create a Job DSL seed job to create a Jenkins 2.0 pipeline. It just seems unnecessarily complex.

I am experimenting in this repo:

Answer Source

If you only need to create one simple pipeline job, you can use the Jenkins API. But that really only works well when creating one simple job, for a complex setup you need some abstraction like Job DSL.

Start here:,%20java.lang.String).


import jenkins.model.Jenkins
import org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.job.WorkflowJob

WorkflowJob job = Jenkins.instance.createProject(WorkflowJob, 'my-pipeline')

Then you need to populate the job, e.g. setting a flow definition.

Or you can wait for the System Config DSL Plugin to be ready. But it has not been released yet and I'm not sure if it can create jobs.

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