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Git Question

Jenkins and Gitlab: Webhook isn't running

I have a couple of servers:

  1. Jenkins

  2. Gitlab

On gitlab, I have a webhook:

On Push events -> http://{jenkinsIP}:8080/gitlab/build_now

On Jenkins, I have a job:

Source Code Management:


Repository URL : [email protected]{GitlabIP}:{Gitlabgroup}/{project}.git (copy from gitlab)

Credential: key-pair working

Branches to build: */master

Repository browser: gitlab

url: http://{GitlabIP}/{Gitlabgroup}/{project}

Version: 6.5.1

Poll SCM

Schedule H/1 * * * *

Any clue why Jenkins isn't running the job?

Answer Source

On Jenkins, you should disable "Poll SCM" and set the "Branches to build" to "master" (not "*/master")

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