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backbone.js - how and when to show a spinner

Is there any sort of hooks in backbone where I can easily say "whenever any of the collections is fetching data, show the spinner, hide it when they're done"?

I have a feeling it will be more complicated than that and require overwriting specific functions. When should I show the spinner? On

or something else?

Sam Sam
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Backbone doesn't trigger any event when Collection::fetch() starts (see source code), so you will have to override the fetch method. Maybe something like this:

var oldCollectionFetch = Backbone.Collection.prototype.fetch;

Backbone.Collection.prototype.fetch = function(options) {
    this.trigger("fetch:started");, options);

This will override the fetch method to give you an event when the fetch starts. However, this only triggers the event on the specific collection instance so if you have a bunch of different collections you'll have to listen for that event on each collection.

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