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Can't connect IntelliJ-IDEA to GitLab with SSH

I am trying to connect my GitLab repository with IntelliJ-IDEA, and it still cant connect to the repo. I have tried the next things:

  • I have msysgit installed correctly

  • Generated the SSH keys (

  • Added the key on GitLab keys

  • Define the enviroment variables HOME USERPROFILE point to C:\Users\sebastian.garces.ssh. %USERPROFILE$/.ssh %HOME$/.ssh

  • In IntelliJ changed SSH executable to Native

I did a lot of things from this links:

And many other google searchs

I dont know what else to do nothing is working.

UPDATE: When i try to Clone the repository and press the Test Button it loads and loads and nothing happen after a while it give me this error: repository test has failed

Answer Source

Try to install plugin: Settings -> Plugins -> Browse repositories -> type GitLab Projects Plugin minimum version 1.3.0

and go to Settings -> Other Settings -> GitLab Settings

Fill GitLab Server Url with and GitLab API Key with string (private token which is shown as the first thing on

enter image description here

And then the test on Intellij IDEA will pass and you will be able to use ssh or https for each repository... (I use private Windows created ssh key id_rsa without any password, but It will work with protected key too.)

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