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Git Question

How to apply a git patch when given a pull number

I downloaded a trunk version of a codebase from git, and there are build errors. Aparently a patch is now available, and I received an email :

see https://github.com/JustinTulloss/zeromq.node/pull/47 for patch

I am new to git so I'm not quite sure what to do with this 'patch' especially, since the page looks more like a discussion thread.

Does anyone know how I can obtain/apply this patch to my locally cloned git repository?

Answer Source

Save the patch somewhere. If you're using linux you can use curl:

curl -L https://github.com/JustinTulloss/zeromq.node/pull/47.patch > /tmp/47.patch

To apply the patch use git apply. You can see if the patch will apply cleanly with the check option. Change to your git directory and run:

git apply --check /tmp/47.patch

If it looks like you want to apply the patch remove the check option

git apply /tmp/47.patch
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