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kibana: How to inject controller function with custom visualization plugin

i am trying to create a simple video plugin for kibana. currently am getting this error : "[ng:areq] Argument 'VideoController' is not a function, got undefined". i had executed and tested the statically before trying to pack this up in kibana as a plugin. any help would be appreciated.

define(function(require) {
const APP_NAME = 'myApp';

(function Default($angular) {
$angular.module(APP_NAME, ['ngVideo']);
var module = require('ui/modules').get('kvideo');
//testing this plugin1
module = (function VideoController($angular) {
$angular.module(APP_NAME).controller('VideoController',function videoController($scope, video) {
$scope.playlistOpen = false;
$scope.videos = {
first: '/home/test/Downloads/SampleVideo_1280x720_1mb.mp4',
second: '/home/test/Downloads/SampleVideo_1280x720_2mb.mp4'
$scope.playVideo = function playVideo(sourceUrl) {
video.addSource('mp4', sourceUrl, true);
$scope.getVideoName = function getVideoName(videoModel) {
switch (videoModel.src) {
case ($scope.videos.first): return "Big Buck Bunny";
case ($scope.videos.second): return "The Bear";
default: return "Unknown Video";
video.addSource('mp4', $scope.videos.first);
video.addSource('mp4', $scope.videos.second);

function VideoProvider(Private) {
var TemplateVisType = Private(require('ui/template_vis_type/TemplateVisType'));
return new TemplateVisType({
name: 'trVideo',
title: 'Video',
icon: 'fa-camera-retro',
description: 'Display random video on kibana dashboard',
requiresSearch: false,
template: require('plugins/kvideo/kvideo.html')
// params: {
// //editor: require('plugins/kvideo/kvideo-editor.html')
// }

return VideoProvider;

screenshot error

Answer Source

You can't name all of these the same thing, try:

module = (function VideoControllerModule($angular) {    
    $angular.module(APP_NAME).controller('VideoController',function videoController($scope, video) {
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