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Dart Question

Connect to Googles Datastore with JWT and dart

I'm trying to use the auto-generated dart_datastore_v1beta2_api_client library to connect to my Google Datastore in a server application I'm writing. I want to use JWT (obviously, since my server needs the rights to access my data without user interaction).

The dart_datastore_v1beta2_api_client uses google_oauth2_client and I haven't found a way to create do JWT authentication with it.

Is this simply not supported yet? Or am I approaching this the wrong way?

Answer Source

Here you go: https://pub.dartlang.org/packages/json_web_token

import "package:google_analytics_v3_api/analytics_v3_api_console.dart";

Analytics analyticsClient = new Analytics(new oauth2.SimpleOAuth2Console(project, "", jwt.accessToken));
analyticsClient.makeAuthRequests = true;
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