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jQuery UI: sortable and draggable + sortable and droppable

I have two lists. They are sortable but not connected (elements of list "one" cannot be mixed with elements of list "two")

I want elements of list "one" be droppable and elements of list "two" be draggable, because I want to drag and drop element of list "two" into list "one".

How should I do?


I tried to make the question as general as possible but maybe I should be more clear... sorry.
Elements of list one are "categories" and they should be sortable.
Elements of list two are "links" and should be sortable.
A link belongs to only one category.
I want to move a link from a categerory to another and I would love to use JQuery Ui.

Answer Source

If I understand your question correctly, you do not have to use draggable and droppable in conjunction with sortable in your case.

Sortable connections are inherently one-way, so you only have to connect the second list to the first, and avoid connecting the first to the second:

<ul id="first">
    <!-- ... -->

<ul id="second">
    <!-- ... -->

    connectWith: "#first"
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