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PHP Question

variable names- why should it begin with a letter or an underscore?

In most of the programming languages variable names should begin with a letter or an underscore, followed by any combination of letters, numbers, and the under-score character. I have found this in c,c++ and php (after the $).

  1. Is it just a convention followed by compiler/interpreter writers or are there any practical reasons for this?

  2. Why is it necessary that variable names be composed only of letters,underscore and numbers in these languages?

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  1. It would be ambiguous whether 4U is an integer or an identifier. This assumes that 4 on its own would be an invalid identifer.
  2. #include, a*a and other constructs would be ambiguous.

_ isn't used as operator and a word beginning with [A-Za-z_] in C is either a predefined keyword or an identifier. No ambiguity possible.

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