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Powershell naming conventions/scoping

I want to create a Powershell function/cmdlet which installs (and one that uninstalls) a web application: copies files, creates an app pool, creates the web application, sets up all kinds of IIS properties, does some web.config modifications, etc. I'm confused about how I should name it. Powershell has this verb-object naming convention, and it's all nice, but the names I want to use (New-WebApplication, etc.) are already taken by the WebAdministration module (which this new function will use internally). Is there a nice way to scope my functions to make it clear that it's a different module? Like mymodule.New-WebApplication, My-New-WebApplication, New-MyWebApplication? Or I could call it Install-WebApplication but that could lead to confusion because of reusing the same name.

Answer Source

I just ran into this recently for a similar issue. This could have many opinionated answers but this would handle the way to scope my functions to make it clear that it's a different module.

You could use the -Prefix parameter of Import-Module

Import-Module mymodule -Prefix Super

So when you go to use your cmdlet you would call it with


Alternatively, you can also explicitly call the cmdlet with the module path

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