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Ajax Question

Update UI after ajax response for iron-form in Polymer

I have a problem where an ajax request is not updating the UI. I need to manually refresh the page.

Basically it's a like button. When pressed, it should increase the number of likes. The HTTP request and response are working fine. But the value

does not get updated immediately.

<form is="iron-form" id="likeForm" method="post" action="/like/{{commentaire.heure}}" on-click="submitLike" on-iron-form-response="augmenterLikes">
<paper-button raised>{{commentaire.likes}} J'aime</paper-button>




is: 'my-comment',
properties: {
commentaire : {
type: Object,
value: {},

augmenterLikes: function(e) {
this.commentaire.likes = e.detail.response;


Any help would be appreciated.

Answer Source

in order to update deep properties you must use the set method, for example in your case:

this.set('commentaire.likes', e.detail.response);

I've made an example using a random number generator in here:

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