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Can't use w3school HTML include

So here's the link to the original w3school article about HTML include using their .js file link.

I literally copied everything from the w3school example, but got this error :

w3school.js:131 XMLHttpRequest cannot load file:///C:/Users/KBS-3/Desktop/project_1/html/header.html. Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https, chrome-extension-resource.

Here's my index.html

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="http://www.w3schools.com/lib/w3data.js"></script>


<div w3-include-html="content.html"></div>



and content.html

<h1>HELLO WORLD</h1>

Any ideas to resolve this ?

Answer Source

As the error suggests, you are trying to include a local html file file:///C:/Users/KBS-3/Desktop/project_1/html/header.html. using javascript which is not permitted due to security reasons. (Imagine, if it were allowed, websites could read any of your local hard drive data).

Solution: Move your website to localhost i.e. use XAMP or a real server and you'll be fine.

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