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Java 8: grouping a collection by a field and flatten and join a collection as mapped value using stream?

My class has two fields:

  • MyKey
    - the key that I want to group by

  • Set<MyEnum>
    - the set that I want to be flattened and merged.

I have a list of such objects, and what I want is to obtain a
Map<MyKey, Set<MyEnum>
of which the value is joined from all myEnums of the objects with this key.

For example, if I have three objects:

  1. myKey: key1, myEnums: [E1]

  2. myKey: key1, myEnums: [E2]

  3. myKey: key2, myEnums: [E1, E3]

The expected result should be:

key1 => [E1, E2], key2 => [E1, E3]

I came up with this code:

Map<MyKey, Set<MyEnum>> map =
new HashSet<MyEnum>(),
(a, b) -> {
return a;

There're two problems with it:

  1. The
    inside the reducing seems to be shared between all keys. That being said the actual run result of the above example is
    key1 => [E1, E2, E3], key2 => [E1, E2, E3]
    . Why is it the case?

  2. Even if this code works, it looks ugly especially at the part of reducing that I have to handle the logic of constructing the joined collection manually. Is there a better way of doing this?

Thank you!

Answer Source

Notice that you are only ever creating one identity object: new HashSet<MyEnum>().

The BinaryOperator you supply as the third argument must be idempotent, the same way common math operators are, e.g. x = y + z doesn't change the value of y and z.

This means you need to merge the two input sets a and b, without updating either.

Also, working with enums, you should use EnumSet, not HashSet.

Map<MyKey, Set<MyEnum>> map =
                        EnumSet.noneOf(MyEnum.class), // <-- EnumSet
                        (a, b) -> {
                            EnumSet<MyEnum> c = EnumSet.copyOf(a); // <-- copy
                            return c;


Shorter, more streamlined version, that doesn't have to keep creating new sets while accumulating the result:

Map<MyKey, Set<MyEnum>> map =
                            () -> EnumSet.noneOf(MyEnum.class),
                            (r, myObj) -> r.addAll(myObj.getMyEnums()),
                            (r1, r2) -> { r1.addAll(r2); return r1; }
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