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Swift - Append object: array index out of range

When I try to add an item to my array it gives me and EXC BAD INSTRUCTION error and it says

fatal error: Array index out of range

That is the code:

var tabelle : [[Actions]] = [[]]

func doSomething() {

var results = self.fetch()

var oldProjektName: String = results[0].projektName
var count: Int = 0

for item in results {
if oldProjektName == item.projektName {
} else {
oldProjektName = item.projektName

As long as count = 0 it does not give me an error but when count = 1 then the app crashes.

Answer Source

You have an array with one element: var tabelle : [[Actions]] = [[]] That is why tabelle[0] is working.

You need to append another array to tabelle before you can use tabelle[1]