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What do the 'M', 'c' and 'z' mean in SVG paths?


I'm trying to create a custom path with Chain, and I see that Tadpoles has a predefined heart-shaped path, so I'm trying to copy it but I don't understand a few parts of it.

var heartPath = new Path('M514.69629,624.70313c-7.10205,-27.02441 -17.2373,-52.39453 -30.40576,-76.10059c-13.17383,-23.70703 -38.65137,-60.52246 -76.44434,-110.45801c-27.71631,-36.64355 -44.78174,-59.89355 -51.19189,-69.74414c-10.5376,-16.02979 -18.15527,-30.74951 -22.84717,-44.14893c-4.69727,-13.39893 -7.04297,-26.97021 -7.04297,-40.71289c0,-25.42432 8.47119,-46.72559 25.42383,-63.90381c16.94775,-17.17871 37.90527,-25.76758 62.87354,-25.76758c25.19287,0 47.06885,8.93262 65.62158,26.79834c13.96826,13.28662 25.30615,33.10059 34.01318,59.4375c7.55859,-25.88037 18.20898,-45.57666 31.95215,-59.09424c19.00879,-18.32178 40.99707,-27.48535 65.96484,-27.48535c24.7373,0 45.69531,8.53564 62.87305,25.5957c17.17871,17.06592 25.76855,37.39551 25.76855,60.98389c0,20.61377 -5.04102,42.08691 -15.11719,64.41895c-10.08203,22.33203 -29.54687,51.59521 -58.40723,87.78271c-37.56738,47.41211 -64.93457,86.35352 -82.11328,116.8125c-13.51758,24.0498 -23.82422,49.24902 -30.9209,75.58594z');

I don't understand what the M at the start of the path means, or the c in some of the values or z at the end of the path. I tried to find info about it in their docs or Google it but I can't find what I want because single letters make searching tough.

I tried to remove the M at the start and the Tadpoles stopped moving, so I assume M potentially means 'moving'? Removing the c alters the shape of the heart, but removing the z doesn't seem to change anything.

Answer Source

The constructor you are invoking is this:

Path(, pathData)

Where pathData is described as:

the SVG path-data that describes the geometry of this path

The documentation you should read is the one of SVG.
As @GerardoFurtado mentioned in the comments, here is a read that could be of interest for you.

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