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How to "Update Frame" in Xcode 8.1

I have updated to Xcode 8.1. Usually when I've miss-edited a Frame that has Auto Constraints, I've pressed on "Update Frame" to revoke my changes. But this option seemed to be gone since the new Update.

enter image description here

How do I update the Frame back to the Auto Constraints value now? Or is the "Update Frame" Option somewhere else now? Help is very appreciated.

Answer Source

In Xcode 8, storyboards have been greatly improved to make what you see on the screen exactly the same as what you would see on the device when you run your app. But if you are still looking for "Update Frames", you can go to the toolbar and select Editor -> Resolve Auto Layout Issues -> Update Frames.

Here is a better explanation of what I have just described but directly from the source: Xcode 8 new features from Apple's website

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