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Emojis won't scale beyond 16px font-size on IOS 7

We're making an app in phonegap using web-pages in the UIWebView, and in this product we allow apple's emojis, which we apply the AppleColorEmoji font to, making it possible to scale them.

After updating to IOS 7 on both iPad and iPhone, the emoji with font AppleColorEmoji that previously allowed for scaling to whichever size wanted, no longer scales beyond 16px font-size (it can scale smaller). It still scales as intended on the devices with IOS <7

I fear this is something they introduced in IOS 7 intentionally. Have anyone else experienced this problem, and perhaps even a solution to it?

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If this is still interesting for anyone (I forgot that this was still open) then the "solution" was to set the meta tag for iPhones to:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=320"/>

This ensures that the iPhone scales the content up to fit the 640 pixels (or more) the screen has, and the emojis with 16px size will now be twice as big. However, this will only scale them up to a reasonable size. It still doesn't fix it for the people wanting to control the font-size completely.

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