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Missing return statement in PhpStorm

I fall in a strange problem of PhpStorm. I'm using the trial version of 2016.1, I've this method inside my own class:

* Set arbitrary log
* @param $level string level of the error message
* @param $mex string The message
* @param $ctx array context of the problem

public function log($level, $mex, array $ctx = array())
$mex = $this->Message($level, $mex, $ctx);

Now PhpStorm underlined in green all the php doc with this message:

Missing @return tag in function/method PHPDOC comment

but I missing the
'cause I don't need it in this function. I only need to store the information passed as parameter inside another method.

Is a PhpStorm bug or I did wrong something?

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For the sake of documentation, you could you use:

@return void