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div contentEditable but Readonly

I have a div with some text and I want when the cursor is hover this div to select the text. If I let this div as it is, when trying to select all (CTRL+A) then I select all page content, meaning all body text.

To get rid of this, I need to use contenteditable attribute for this div.

But I don't want to let people to change the text / copy / cut and so on

I try to use readonly for this div, but doesn't working.

Any advice please ?

PS1: This div has also other tags inside (html content), but I don't think that this is a problem.

PS2: An example is here: - but with a problem. You can cut the text :(

Answer Source

You can prevent the user from cutting by handling the "cut" event and calling its preventDefault() method. This will prevent cut with any user input (including the browser's context menu or edit menu), not just via a particular key combination.

This example uses jQuery because your jsFiddle uses it:

$("#editablediv").on("cut", function(e) {
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