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AngularJS conditionnal ng-option

I have an app angular that can be translate both in french and english. I'm using angular translate to do that. The problem is: I receive an array of object from an API and in those object, I have a property

and a property
and other like ids.

In a select input , I want to display
depending by the current language.

In the controller, I can get the current language with the

vm.getCurrentLanguage = function() {
return $translate.use();

So, I wonder if in the view I could use a condition in the ng-option.

ng-options="bookCondition.BookCondition for bookCondition in bookCtrl.bookConditions"
name="Condition" class="form-control"

Answer Source

You can use conditionals to show/hide options by changing the way you are creating the <select>:

<select ng-options=ng-model="bookCtrl.bookConditions" name="Condition" class="form-control">
        ng-repeat="bookCondition.BookCondition for bookCondition in bookCtrl.bookConditions"

I didn't quite understand how you have your JSON set up so I am assuming you have a property that contains the language (bookCondition.language). You can compare this against the user's currently-selected language which is returned by your vm.getCurrentLanguage. By the way, I suggest changing that from a function to just be a variable like this:

vm.currentLanguage = $translate.use();

This should be all you need to do to specify options in a conditional manner.

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