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How can I move a tag on a git branch to a different commit?

I created a tag on the master branch called

like this:

git tag -a v0.1

But then I realised there were still some changes I needed to merge into master for release 0.1, so I did that. But now my
tag is stuck on (to invoke the post-it note analogy) the wrong commit. I want it to be stuck on the most recent commit on master, but instead it is stuck on the second most recent commit on master.

How can I move it to the most recent commit on master?

Answer Source

Use the -f option to git tag:


    Replace an existing tag with the given name (instead of failing)

You probably want to use -f in conjunction with -a to force-create an annotated tag instead of a non-annotated one.


  1. Delete the tag on any remote before you push

    git push origin :refs/tags/<tagname>
  2. Replace the tag to reference the most recent commit

    git tag -fa <tagname>
  3. Push the tag to the remote origin

    git push origin master --tags