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No such module "Armchair"

This problem is driving me insane. Whatever I do, I get the problem "No such module 'Armchair'" when I archive. It works when I build but when I archive XCode messes with me. I see XCode archiving/compiling Armchair.

  • I have added
    Framework Search Paths

  • I have added the framework in Embedded binaries

  • I have added the framework in Linked Frameworks and Libraries

  • I have also tried with adding the framework to copy frameworks in my
    Build Phases

  • I have tried by adding the Armchair framework to my workspace instead and only added & coping the framework from there.

I think I have even tried a raindance, just to be sure. It keeps refusing to work when archiving, but works for normal building and running on device.

I have read and tried these related questions:

Running XCode 7.1. Any suggestions on how to solve it?

Answer Source

Ok, I figured it out. Its was too simple and kind of a stupid reason if you ask me.

My core app three configurations:

  • Debug
  • Release
  • Pre-Release

The framework I added into my app, in this case Armchair, has only the Debug and Release configuration. When I archive my app, the Pre-Release configuration is used, which doesn't exist for the included Armchair.xcodeproj. Added the Pre-Release configuration to the Armchair.xcodeproj solved my problem.

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