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Python Question

Formatting Bar Graph Python Plotlib

I am trying to plot a simple 2 dimensional Bar Graph for two lists in python.
(note that max of this list is 4)
I want to plot this list and its corresponding index using Plotlib.
My code is this

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as pl
bitpos = np.arange(len(sumlist))
pl.bar(bitpos,sumlist, align='center', alpha=0.5)
pl.ylabel('mismatch count')

The graph although plots correctly but the bars are touching the top of the graph (see the graph below) I want to create some empty space above the graph for a better presentation.

Example Plot to illustrate my problem

Answer Source

If you want to add some space to the top of your plot, you can add something like:

pl.ylim((0., 5.))

to the bottom of your current script.This changes the y limits of your plot to 0 and 5 (currently they are 0 and 4).

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