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Android Question

Not able to get firebase crash report from android app

I have implemented firebase crash in my existing firebase app, as per the firebase document i have implemented but iam not able to get any report in my console.

Here is how I hav integrated

app.gradle: build.gradle(Module:app)

project.gradle: build.gradle(Project)

in my code I have added sample report code:

FirebaseCrash.report(new Exception("My first Android non-fatal error"));

I am not able to get any report in firebase console its showing the initial page

I have updated the google play service even thought not able to get the report

Answer Source

Firebase analytics don't work in real time it takes around 2-3 hours to update analytics data in the console. don't why but we observe this when we implemented firebase analytics for more details

try this

android {

 defaultConfig {

     versionCode 1


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