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How to extract ONLY the contents of the JDK installer

I just downloaded the Java SDK/JDK versions 5 and 6, and I just need the development tools (and some libraries) contained in the installation packages, I don't need to perform an installation and that's why I was only looking for a zip package at first (for Windows there is only an exe installation file), I only need to extract the contents of the installation packages, I think this can be done from the command line but so far I haven't found how to do this (I already considered WinRar and 7-Zip, but I really want to find how to do it without using these tools)

Have you done this before and how?

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You can do the installation once and then zip up the installed stuff placed under \Programs\Java.

This can be unzipped elsewhere later and used as a JDK in most IDE's without needing a full reinstall (but then Windows does not know about it)

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