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Problems with buttons after Wordpress update/ Plugin update

I don't have so much experience. I can't use anymore these 3 buttons (the problem appeared after plugins update / wordpress update)

Initially i could click those 3 buttons and open like the first button to the left and the image would change. None of these happens now.

Could someone help me fix this ?

sorry i forgot to mention the website

edit 2:
i have a backup on my computer , you can see how should work (i could use this back-up but i've translated the website and i would lose another part of work


Answer Source

Please add this code to footer.php

<script type="text/javascript">
$('.hp-tabs .hp-tab a.title').click(function(){
    $('.hp-tabs .hp-tab').attr('class', 'tab-content-wrapper');
    $(this).parent().closest('').attr('class', 'tab-content-wrapper current-tab');

see in action

What i did is i fired an event on click of title and played with little bit js. You can find footer.php in your Admin panel -> appearance -> editor -> footer.php or if you are using file system then you can find this under theme folder. Hope it will help. Thank you

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