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Example of Builder Pattern in Java API?

Joshua Bloch's Effective Java describes a Builder Pattern that can be used to build objects with several optionally customizable parameters. The naming convention he suggests for the Builder functions, which "simulates named optional parameters as found in Ada and Python," doesn't seem to fall in line with Java's standard naming convention. Java functions tend to rely on a having a verb to start the function and then a noun-based phrase to describe what it does. The Builder class only has the name of the variable that's to be defined by that function.

Are there any APIs within the Java standard libraries that makes use of the Builder Pattern? I want to compare the suggestions in the book to an actual implementation within the core set of Java libraries before pursuing its use.

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I'm not sure about within the core JDK, but good examples can be found in Guava. MapMaker is probably the best example I can think of off the top of my head. For example, from the docs:

ConcurrentMap<Key, Graph> graphs = new MapMaker()
    .expiration(30, TimeUnit.MINUTES)
        new Function<Key, Graph>() {
          public Graph apply(Key key) {
            return createExpensiveGraph(key);

Yes, this sort of thing can go against the grain of "standard" Java naming, but it can also be very readable.

For situations where you're not returning "this" but a new object (typically with immutable types) I like a "with" prefix - Joda Time uses that pattern extensively. That's not the builder pattern, but an alternative and related construction form.

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