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Transforming JSON-like data into a string, node mysql

Quick edit - I am a complete beginner in web development, so I realize the solution might be stupidly obvious.

I'm attempting to insert a data set into a MySQL db through nodejs/expressjs/mysql.

I have a successful connection to the db and can query from it without issues.

Here is my post code:'/pyme', function(req,res){
console.log("Data being POSTED to db...");
var post = req.body;
var sql_insert_pyme = 'INSERT INTO pyme(NombreComercio,NumeroTelefono) VALUES =?';
if(err) throw err;

The POST data I am getting looks as follows:

{ NombreComercio: 'Sebastian Avila',
NumeroTelefono: '71021714' }

I need a method to break that post into a simple:

"'Sebastian Avila', '71021714'"

Basically I want to end with:

post = "'Sebastian Avila', '71021714'"

Answer Source

You need to reduce a JSON object to an array (you can reduce it to string straight away, but array gives you more control over) and join it.

var postObject = {
    NombreComercio: 'Sebastian Avila',
    NumeroTelefono: '71021714'

var postArray = Object.keys(postObject).reduce(function(reduced, jsonKey) {
    reduced.push("'" + postObject[jsonKey] + "'");
    return reduced;
}, []);

var postString = postArray.join(',');

If you want query parameters to be dynamic, you can as well set Object.keys(postObject).join(',') in columns names part of the query.

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