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Sass 3.4 Removing forward slash on a string

is theres a workaround or any other ways to make this work on Sass 3.4 +

@mixin icon ($name, $code) {
.#{$name}::before {
content: str-slice("\x",1,1) + $code;}

@include icon('test', 4556);

Code should output

.test::before { content: "\4556"; }

But on 3.4+ the
slash is getting removed and outputted as

.test::before { content: "x4556"; }


Answer Source

You stumbled across a currently-debated issue with escape characters in Sass. It seems that, currently, Sass will either add too many characters, or winds up putting the unicode character into the output css.


@mixin icon ($name, $code) {
  $withslash: "\"\\#{$code}\"";
  .#{$name}:before {
    content: unquote($withslash);
@include icon('test', '4556');


.test:before {
  content: "\4556";

Obviously the drawback to this approach is that it relies on doing weird things with an escape character and tricking Sass into unquoting a possibly malformed string.

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