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React render components from string

Is it possible to dynamically render a React component from a string?

Basically I have pages' content coming from the database and I want to have React componentes within the content. An example of what I'm trying to achieve:

var html_string = '<i>React Component Rendered</i>: <Hello name="World" />';

var Hello = React.createClass({
render: function() {
return <strong>Hello {}</strong>;

function createMarkup() { return {__html: html_string}; };

var App = React.createClass({
render: function() {
return <div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={createMarkup()} />;


But it just renders the HTML without evaluating

<div><i>React Component Rendered</i>: <hello name="World"></hello></div>

I'm trying to get:

<div><i>React Component Rendered</i>: <strong>Hello World</strong></div>

This example on JSfiddle:

Answer Source

As thangngoc89 as said there is no way to do this. At least no simple way.

JSX is transpiled into javascript, it only syntactically looks like xml.


var x = <div> <i>React Component Rendered</i>: <Hello name="World" /> </div>;

is mapped to:

var x = React.createElement(
  " ",
    "React Component Rendered"

  ": ",
  React.createElement(Hello, { name: "World" }),

A better strategy would probably be to parse the database elements and then dynamically render the result of the db query using react (this also promotes looser coupling).

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