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Print PG Result Object in Rails Console

I am doing some basic SQL queries in my rails console. When I query my postgreSQL database, the result is a PG Result object as seen here:

#<PG::Result:0x007f26cac82010 status=PGRES_TUPLES_OK ntuples=1 nfields=1 cmd_tuples=1>

My query looks like the following:

sql = "SELECT COUNT (DISTINCT Business_id) FROM applications"
result = ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute(sql)

I'm currently doing a basic COUNT query and I would like to see the count result.

How can I view the data inside of the PG Result object?

Answer Source

The PGResult object has some special methods for retrieving the results, the 'getvalue' method returns the tuple n as a hash, so then you could do:


More detailed information can be found here here:

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