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Marshmallow permission implementation

I am trying to add Android 6.0 support in my Existing Android App. I have used

to sync data. its working fine till API 22. but in 23 (ANDROID 6.0) they have remove Group permission

I found sample how to get run-time permission, I tried same with
but it is not working.

I also found one answer, Is there any trick to use
same as that answer?

i found removed permissions list overhere. so if my app use that permission which is listed. in that case does any app works in Android M (6.0)?

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There is no longer need AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS on Android 6.0.

you can use android:maxSdkVersion="22" on your uses-permission element to stop requesting it as of Android 6.0.

As mentioned in comment by CommonsWare Sir and this blog helped to understand more on this issue.