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trouble with iOS9 search API NSUserActivity

When I watch videos about iOS9 search API WWDC2015´╝îthere is a demo like this:

var activity:NSUserActivity = NSUserActivity(activityType:"com.yummly.browseRecipe")
activity.title = "Baked Potato Chips"
activity.userInfo = ["id":""]
activity.eligibleForSearch = true

I copy this code to my Xcode and run it, when I search by Spotlight, there is no results. What's wrong with it? Bug for iOS9?

Answer Source

I did like this, is in objective-C, but you can easily translate to swift

 if ([CSSearchableItemAttributeSet class]) {

CSSearchableItemAttributeSet* attributes = [[CSSearchableItemAttributeSet alloc]initWithItemContentType:@"kUTTypePackage"];//Set you content type

attributes.title =;
attributes.contentDescription = model.description;
attributes.identifier = model.fileURL.lastPathComponent;

UIImage* backImage = [UIImage imageWithData:model.imageData];

if (backImage == nil) {

    attributes.thumbnailData = UIImageJPEGRepresentation([UIImage imageNamed:@"DefaultImage"], 0.5);


    attributes.thumbnailData = model.imageData;

NSString* domainID = @"com.myapp.mycompany";
NSString* uniqueID = model.fileURL.lastPathComponent;
CSSearchableItem* item = [[CSSearchableItem alloc]initWithUniqueIdentifier:uniqueID //value passed from NSUserActivity inside .userInfo

NSLog(@"Item Attributes:%@",item.attributeSet.identifier);
CSSearchableIndex* index = [CSSearchableIndex defaultSearchableIndex];
[index indexSearchableItems:@[item] completionHandler:^(NSError * _Nullable error) {

    if (!error) {
        NSLog(@"Item \"%@\" indexed",;
        NSLog(@"Error, \"%@\" not indexed: %@, %@",,error, error.userInfo);


    NSLog(@"iOS < 9");
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