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How to linebreak an svg text within javascript?

So here is what I have:

<path class="..." onmousemove="show_tooltip(event,'very long text
\\\n I would like to linebreak')" onmouseout="hide_tooltip()" d="..."/>

<rect class="tooltip_bg" id="tooltip_bg" ... />
<text class="tooltip" id="tooltip" ...>Tooltip</text>

function show_tooltip(e,text) {
var tt = document.getElementById('tooltip');
var bg = document.getElementById('tooltip_bg');

// set position ...



// set visibility ...

Now my very long tooltip text doesn't have a linebreak, even though if I use alert(); it shows me that the text actually DOES have two lines. (It contains a "\" though, how do I remove that one by the way?)

I can't get CDATA to work anywhere.

Answer Source

This is not something that SVG 1.1 supports. SVG 1.2 does have the textArea element, with automatic word wrapping, but it's not implemented in all browsers. SVG 2 does not allow textArea. But it does have auto-wrapped text.

However, given that you already know where your linebreaks should occur, you can break your text into multiple <tspan>s, each with x="0" and dy="1.4em" to simulate actual lines of text. For example:

<g transform="translate(123 456)"><!-- replace with your target upper left corner coordinates -->
  <text x="0" y="0">
    <tspan x="0" dy="1.2em">very long text</tspan>
    <tspan x="0" dy="1.2em">I would like to linebreak</tspan>

Of course, since you want to do that from JavaScript, you'll have to manually create and insert each element into the DOM.