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TypeError: translate() takes exactly one argument (2 given)

My code is running fine on python 2.x versions but when I'm trying to run it on python 3.x version, it's giving error.

subject: need to abbreviate any message in sms encoding.


def sms_encoding(data):
#start writing your code here
data.split(" ")
data_list=data.split(" ")
for i in range(len(data_list)):
if data_list[i].lower() in ['a','e','i','o','u']:
elif len(data_list[i])>1:
a = data_list[i].translate(None,'aeiouAEIOU')
for j in range(len(sms_encd)):
final_sms += str(sms_encd[j])+" "
return final_sms[:-1]
data="I will not repeat mistakes"


2.x versions:

I will not repeat mistakes
I wll nt rpt mstks

3.x versions:

I will not repeat mistakes
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "python", line 18, in <module>
File "python", line 12, in sms_encoding
TypeError: translate() takes exactly one argument (2 given)

is not working? is there any alternative workaround?

Answer Source

You need to compare Python 3's str.translate() with Python 2's unicode.translate(). Both take a mapping from codepoint (an integer) to a replacement (either another integer or a single-character Unicode e string).

The str type has a static method str.maketrans() that takes the characters-to-delete (the second argument to Python 2's str.translate()) as the third argument, to produce such a map. Use that here:

map = str.maketrans('', '', 'aeiouAEIOU')
a = data_list[i].translate(map)

This outputs a dictionary mapping each of the vowel codepoints to None:

>>> str.maketrans('', '', 'aeiouAEIOU')
{97: None, 101: None, 105: None, 111: None, 117: None, 65: None, 69: None, 73: None, 79: None, 85: None}
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