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MySQL Question

Match user IP address with sql database entry in PHP

Can't figure out what's wrong with this code, but it is not returning anything for $result:

// check to see if user has already voted
$current_user = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];
$select_query = "SELECT * FROM w_poll_counter WHERE user_IP = " . $current_user;
echo $select_query;

$result = mysql_query($select_query);
echo $result;

//user already voted - show results page
header("Location: show_results.php");

The echo statements are for debugging purposes and will be removed once I've (or you've!) solved this problem. echo $select_query is returning that variable how I expect it, but echo $result is returning nothing at all. I'm able to cast multiple votes from my same IP address during testing. This is undesirable!

Please help!



Try quoting properly you query

 $select_query = "SELECT * FROM w_poll_counter WHERE user_IP = '" . $current_user ."';";