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Internet Explorer :Hover style getting stuck on jQuery sortable element

So I have a UL with jquery-sortable LI's below it. Each LI has a :Hover CSS style associated with it. The problem comes when I drag an LI away from the UL and let go, the Hover effect is still applied in IE9 (chrome works fine).


<ul id="test">
<li>test 2</li>


#test li:hover{



See Fiddle:

I have seen the following SO question:
IE9 not removing :hover style on DOM change .
Which seems to be the same issue I am experiencing, but I want to avoid using jQuery to force the style changes, if possible.

Anyone know how to fix this with CSS?


Use the helper option to clone the object while dragging; doing this forces IE8 to redraw the object once released and so reset the hover state.

    helper: 'clone'