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Javascript Question

Detect if browser does not support XMLHttpRequest with full CORS support

How do I check if a browser supports the native JavaScript XMLHttpRequest object with CORS? I am testing in IE 8 which as I understood only supports

, however doing the following in IE 8:

typeof window.XMLHttpRequest

I would have thought that would be
. Basically how can I detect if a browser supports the full
with CORS support?

Should I do the inverse?

if(type window.XDomainRequest === 'object') {
// Assume the browser does not support XMLHttpRequest with CORS

Answer Source

I use this, 1 means XMLHttpRequest support cors, 2 means cors is supported via XDomainRequest, 0 means no CORS support

var  corsSupportLevel = null;    
function supportsCorsInternal() {

                if (corsSupportLevel !== null) return corsSupportLevel;

                var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
                if ("withCredentials" in xhr) {
                    // Supports CORS
                    corsSupportLevel = 1;
                } else if (typeof XDomainRequest !== "undefined") {
                    // IE
                    corsSupportLevel = 2;
                } else {
                    corsSupportLevel = 0;
                return corsSupportLevel;
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