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PHP Question

Sending string variable from PHP back to ajax with array variable...?

I would like to save a message in PHP variable and send it back with my other array variable that is already coming back. For instance, I have some error checking that takes place inside the PHP code and would like a string variable with the specific message sent back for use in my javascript.

Here is the PHP:


$term = $_POST['resid'];
$sql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM ap_form_8 WHERE id = '$term'"); //select first name (element_1_1) from form #8

if ($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)){ //if reservation number exists
if ($row['element_11'] != 'Cancelled'){ //if reservation has not already been cancelled
if (strtotime($row['element_3']) >= strtotime(date("Y-m-d"))){ //if reservation has not already passed date
echo json_encode($row);
else //Reservation already passed (old reservation)
echo 'passed';
else //Reservation already cancelled
echo 'cancelled';
else //Reservation not found
echo 'not found';

As you can see, there are 3 different messages, "passed", "cancelled", and "not found"... if one of these conditions exists, I would like to send this string back to my javascript so I can display it in a DIV. However, I also want to send the $row data with it.

My javascript:

<script type="text/javascript">
event.preventDefault(); //the page will no longer refresh on form submit.
var resCheck = $(this).find('input[class="reservationid"]').val(); //now we have the reservation ID, let's perform our check.
url: 'inc/searchres.php',
type: 'POST',
data: 'resid='+resCheck,
success: function(data){ //data is all the info being returned from the php file
$('#reservation-id').val(resCheck); //add read ID back into text box
var jsonData = $.parseJSON(data); //parse returned JSON data so we can use it like, data.whatever
//****I wanted the line just below this to display the appropriate message sent back from the PHP****
$("#res-message").html('<a>Reservation ID Located, Information is displayed below</a>');
$('#json-reservation').populate({personal_first_name:jsonData['element_1_1'],personal_last_name:jsonData['element_1_2'],personal_phone_1:jsonData['element_7'],personal_email:jsonData['element_2'],reservation_status:jsonData['ADD THIS CELL'], reservation_id:jsonData['id'], reservation_date:jsonData['element_3'],reservation_time:jsonData['element_4'],reservation_party:jsonData['element_5'],reservation_special_request:jsonData['element_6'],reservation_using_coupon:jsonData['element_9'],reservation_coupon_code:jsonData['element_10'],reservation_status:jsonData['element_11']});
error: function(){
$("#res-message").html('<a>There was an error with your request</a>');

I marked with asterisks where I populate the DIV with a static message at this time, this is the line where I would populate the message from PHP. Any ideas?


Send both in ajax. LIke Dont echo anything in the body of your if else, just store the message in variable, say, $message = 'passed', now do this at the end of your php request page:

echo json_encode(array('message_js'=>$message, 'row_js' => $row));

This sends json array as responce so u can send as much variables in it as much u like. Just put them in an array() and convert them into json using json_encode() to convert into json and pass as response. When recieved in success function of your ajax, just decode the two json variables : message_js and row_js.

You can use parsejson of jquery to get your variables then