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How to split up a SpannableStringBuilder while keeping its formating?

I am working on an android project that involves parsing some HTML (parsed by Jsoup) into a SpannableStringBuilder class.

However, I need this SpannableStringBuilder class to be divided up by each new line character into a List once it is done parsing, while keeping its formatting.

Such that a spanned text of

{"I am a spanned text,\n hear me roar"}

would turn into

"I am a spanned text,"
"hear me roar"

I am fairly new to developing on Android, and could not find anything in the documentation about spitting spans or even getting a listing of all formatting on a spanned class to build my own. So any help is much appreciated.

Answer Source

I managed to figure this out on my own, after looking into the method that pskink suggested.

My solution to this was

    public List<Spanned> parse() {
        List<Spanned> spans = new ArrayList<Spanned>();
        Spannable unsegmented = (Spannable) Html.fromHtml(base.html(), null, new ReaderTagHandler());
        //Set ColorSpan because it defaults to white text color
        unsegmented.setSpan(new ForegroundColorSpan(Color.BLACK), 0, unsegmented.length(), Spanned.SPAN_INCLUSIVE_EXCLUSIVE);

        //get locations of '/n'
        Stack<Integer> loc = getNewLineLocations(unsegmented);

        //divides up a span by each new line character position in loc
        while (!loc.isEmpty()) {
            Integer end = loc.pop();
            Integer start = loc.isEmpty() ? 0 : loc.peek();

            spans.add(0,(Spanned) unsegmented.subSequence(start, end));

        return spans;

    private Stack<Integer> getNewLineLocations(Spanned unsegmented) {
        Stack<Integer> loc = new Stack<>();
        String string = unsegmented.toString();
        int next = string.indexOf('\n');
        while (next > 0) {
            //avoid chains of newline characters
            if (string.charAt(next - 1) != '\n') {
                next = string.indexOf('\n', loc.peek() + 1);
            } else {
                next = string.indexOf('\n', next + 1);
            if (next >= string.length()) next = -1;
        return loc;
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