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Scala Question

Scala error: value <FUNCTION_NAME> is not a member of object <OBJECT_NAME>


other related question: Why are Scala class methods not first-class citizens?

I'm trying out Scala's support for first-order functions, and encountered this problem, about passing methods as parameters. As far as I understood, the solution is to wrap the method with a (named or anonymous) first-order function. This worked for me:

def wrapperFn(s:String):String = s.reverse

can be now passed as parameter to other higher-order functions, or as value to other definitions like this one:

val otherGoodFn:(String=>String) = goodWrapperFn

So far so good. The problem came when I tried to mix both steps (avoiding the somewhat verbose use of the
parameter), and directly pass the method to a function-typed value, like this:

def errorFn:(String=>String) = String.reverse

Which throws the following error:

error: value reverse is not a member of object String
def errorFn:(String=>String) = String.reverse

Which I don't understand, because this works as expected:

val s:String = "hello"

So apparently the method is a member of the instance, but not of the Object/Class(??) It seems that Scala handles the class and object lifetime in a very different way as Java does. So my question, now more concisely:

  • Is the error caused by some stupid mistake or is it indeed not allowed? And if not allowed, why?

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

String.reverse would be calling a static method (or a method on an object instead of a class in Scala terms).

You can do

def errorWrapperFn:(String=>String) = _.reverse

The underscore here allows you to access the method/function parameters without having to give them a name.

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