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Xcode 8 Beta (null) was unable to service the request

I have an app that worked fine in the released version of Xcode. I downloaded the beta and after I fixed all the little changes I ran it and it worked. I just came back and ran it again and I get an error saying

The request to open "com.matthewhsingleton.Smoke" failed . (null) was unable to service the request.

enter image description here

I have quit Xcode and reopened it, I have restarted my computer, tried different iPhone simulators and all produce the same resulte

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After reading @Droppy suggestion I read the thread and it is a common issue. To solve it is as follows

Problem solved for by an Apple Engineer in the lab. It's an issue they're working on. The bottom line was that when I copied Xcode to Applications folder, there was a bit set on it and that was preventing it from communicating with the simulator.

To fix it: Copy-paste from Applications folder to somewhere else, e.g. Documents folder. Delete from Applications folder. Move from Documents to Applications folder again.

Seen here

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