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Git Question

bad numeric config value 'tru' for 'core.longpaths': invalid unit

I can't launch repositories on sourcetree.

I get:

bad numeric config value 'tru' for 'core.longpaths': invalid unit

It's happened after I tried to clone a project with a long file name.

And then i tried to enable the "

How to fix it please?

Answer Source

Simply edit your global git config named .gitconfig in your $HOME (or %USERPROFILE% on Windows)

You need to replace tru with true or delete core.longpaths altogether from your global settings.

In command line, you can also type:

git config --global unset core.longpaths
cd /path/to/my/repo
git config core.longpaths true

Checks your SourceTree settings though: make sure it is using the System’s Git and not the embedded one.

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