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application content goes behind the navigation bar in android L

enter image description here

As you can see my "Got It" button is behind the navigation bar.Not able to fix it!!! I have tried

<item name="android:fitsSystemWindows">true</item>

As well as setting it in layout file.

my theme in value-21 is :

<style name="AppTheme" parent="android:Theme.Material.Light.NoActionBar">
<item name="android:windowNoTitle">true</item>
<item name="windowActionBar">false</item>
<item name="android:windowFullscreen">false</item>
<item name="android:windowContentOverlay">@null</item>
<item name="android:fitsSystemWindows">true</item>

Its the same case with all the screens throughout the application.

Please Help.

Answer Source

Here is the solution.

Most of the layouts get solved by adding these properties in value-21 style.xml

<item name="android:windowTranslucentStatus">true</item>
        <item name="android:windowTranslucentNavigation">true</item>
        <item name="android:fitsSystemWindows">true</item>

for others, I have calculated the hight of navigation bar and add margin to my view .

public static int getSoftButtonsBarSizePort(Activity activity) {
    // getRealMetrics is only available with API 17 and +
        DisplayMetrics metrics = new DisplayMetrics();
        int usableHeight = metrics.heightPixels;
        int realHeight = metrics.heightPixels;
        if (realHeight > usableHeight)
            return realHeight - usableHeight;
            return 0;
    return 0;

Note: By using the above solutions everything work but I was also using PopupWindow in my app.The layout of the PopupWindow get messed up in android L. Look for the issue and the solution here

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