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Ineligible Devices section appeared in Xcode 6.x.x

After installing Xcode 6 my devices moved to greyed-out section

Ineligible Devices
and I can't select them as deploy target:

enter image description here


This error occurs in all versions of
Xcode 6.x.x
There are so many different reasons causing this problem

Check this solution list for more details.

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There is a lot of options (10 23 29 answers for this question!), that can cause this error. And no one is 100% solve this issue. Here is summarise of all solutions.

First of all:

0. Update to latest Xcode version
Most of the reasons, that cause this problem fixed in Xcode version 6.3.1 (6D1002 published April 21, 2015)

List of solutions in order frequency of occurrence:

  1. The most likely solution::

    • In Xcode status go to: Menu bar-> Product -> Destination and find your device. It will be listed under Ineligible section
    • Select your device. After you will be able to build and deploy to device! (thanks, @joshstaiger)

    enter image description here

If it doesn't work:

  1. iOS Deployment Target should be <= of the version of your device. You find this option in Build Settings tab when you click on a target of your project in Xcode.

  2. If version is correct - try to restart Mac and iPhone/iPad simultaneously. It resolve this issue in most cases! (thanks, @HoaParis)

  3. Finally if either doesn't work - try to do this magic actions:

    • switch iOS Deployment Target to 8.1
    • restart Xcode
    • switch back to desired version.

Other problems, that cause this issue:

  1. Xcode Beta 6.3 does not support iOS 8.2 (and also 8.1). You won't see your iDevice in deploy target list. Use Xcode 6.2 instead of Xcode 6.3 beta in order to debug with an iDevice iOS 8.2

  2. Xcode 6.3 requires Unity 4.6.4 If you're using an older Unity version (e.g. 4.6.3) you'll always get your devices in the Ineligible Devices section (thanks, @d4rk)

  3. Also it appears in case of changing name of Xcode project. The fix it - create a new scheme by selecting Manage Schemes > (+) button. (thanks, @dale-moore)

  4. Beta to Release upgrade of Xcode can require upgrading iOS or watchOS from beta to release version. For example, when switching from Xcode 8 beta 6 to Xcode 8 release, watchOS 3 beta is misreported as watchOS 2.2.1 within Xcode.

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